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I have checked out a project, the project contains a .gitignore file.

The contents of this file are like so

vx1% head .gitignore 

I want to

  • read the file line by line
  • for each line read, list the actual files that are being ignored
  • finally I want to tweak the script to delete those files

The reason for wanting to do this - is that I don't trust the project Makefile to fully clean up it's generated files.


As you can see, the .gitignore uses some globs that I need to modify before running the commands, otherwise the glob will resolve to my root directory.

What I already know

To dynamically evaluate an arbitrary string as a glob pattern


print $~DYN

To strip the leading /, if it exists


print ${~DYN/#//}

What I've got

cat .gitignore | while read i; do echo $i ; print ${~i/#//} ; done

The problem

The first glob failure that this loop encounters, it terminates with error

zsh: no matches found: *.exe

What I want

The 'script' should keep going through each line of the file, trying each line in turn.

I answered this myself, answer is below

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I know, but those curmudgeons wouldn't let me post the solution for 8 hours - wasn't going to sit there waiting ! –  bryan hunt Sep 22 '13 at 21:53

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Found the answer on the zsh mailing list, in typical Zsh fashion - it's very simple when you know how, and impossible otherwise.

print *.nosuchextension(N)

The (N) glob parameter prevents raising an error on match failure.

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