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I work a lot with latex and for my images i use the eps and pdf formats. When I create a figure I often need to trim it, because I want to get rid of white margins all around the pic. At the moment I'm using GIMP, import the figure and autotrim the edges. However if the eps/pdf file before the import is 60KB, after the export with GIMP it can be 200-300KB (depending on the dpi resolution that I choose).

Is there a way to trim eps/pdf files without losing its lightweight and sharpness (because after the import it goes from vector to raster, I suppose)?

I'm working on Mac/Linux

Thanks for your help

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For visual trimming (GUI) I would suggest PDFQuench (at least for PDF). If you prefer the command-line PDFcrop might be your choice.

Both tools are for Linux - the Mac has its native Preview-tool, which can also crop.

Hope that helped a bit.


For automatic removal of margins there is Perl script called pdfcrop.pl which uses ghostscript and pdftex in the background - I haven't tested it, but it looks promising.

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PDFcrop might work, PDFQuench is manual so is not the same as the GIMP command. Unfortunately Preview does not let me do the trimming (CMD+K), anything else for mac? –  Nicholas Sep 22 '13 at 7:42
@Nicholas In Preview select the region using the Select tool from the toolbar and then click Tools->Crop. I tested it - for me it works. –  Jost Sep 22 '13 at 10:25
maybe I wasn't clear, I'm looking for something that trims automatically, like in GIMP. Click a button and the software gets rid of all the white space around my pics. –  Nicholas Sep 22 '13 at 10:43

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