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I want to import nitroplot in the functions.py to create a custom plot. I cannot seem to do this and keeps on getting error:

{'type': 'error', 'value': 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File "27/NitroFileManager.py", line 110, in callFunction\n File "C:\Program Files\DataNitro\examples\v2\functions.py", line 15, in Waterfall\n import nitroplot\nImportError: No module named nitroplot\n'}

It seems that it is an issue with the python path. I am using anaconda. Is there an easy way to add the DataNitro packages to the path so that they are included when functions.py is included.

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You won't be able to use nitroplot inside functions.py - that file is specifically for user-defined functions (Python functions that can be called from inside Excel cells).

If you're writing a DataNitro script (one that you use with the "run" button in the DataNitro toolbar) or using the DataNitro shell, you can type "import nitroplot" as usual.

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