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I've been dreaming to develop a very fast and large scale web server/application. By that, i mean it is for RESTful and "REAL-TIME" app, and it could scale up to handle millions of users and bytes in a more concurrent manner, and something that could handle complicated and huge database queries efficiently. And I believe nodeJS fits very well with my needs above. But I don't know where to start, there are too much to learn and study, reading everything is a pain, that would take me decades. Any good and detailed enough suggestions there sir?

To be straight forward:

1.) What is the nodeJS framework? And why? It seemed like there were too many suggestions out there, express, sails.js, etc. Or do I really need to try each of them? only to find out which framework would suit best/enough for a restful and real-time app?

2.) What nosql DB? And why? What if I want the best one for Reading? oh my, I guess i would need another one again best for Writing? etc.

3.) Any other helpful tools and suggestions?

P.S: I only knew very little about noSQL, and with NodeJS, but I believe it could meet my needs especially in the real-time stuff and concurrency, etc. And im also choosing it as my preference because I love javascript (planning to do the front-end with AngularJS), just one language, that should make it easier.

I would then try to be considerate with the varied tools and preferences, because I believe it's really hard to find the best fit (considering the most which nodeJS framework, and nosql DB. I guess?), but who does not want perfection/the best of the best? It's for a startup anyways

How I wish nodeJS existed old enough so I could gather more reliable suggestions from well experienced engineers here... Cheers, dream BIG =)

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I have a list of tools that might be useful for you if you are planning node.js. Every tool has a use so I am not going to write the reason for why. you can read about them and remove them from your application and write your feedback here

node.js, npm, nodemon

TESTING dependency and package management
yeoman, bower, grunt

yeoman generator
generator-angular, generator-express-angular, generator-angular-fullstack

REALTIME Communication

For login
passport, [passport-basic,passport-local,passport-http]

Backend Framework

Frontend MVC
AngularJS or whatever you like from (backbone,ember etc.)

Twitter Bootstrap, Angular-ui (to fit with angularJS)

D3.js [d3.libraries - rickshaw, dc.js, nvd3 ], morris.js

docco, yuidocs


webstorm, sublimetext, notepad++, brackets, vi



If you are using frontend cache
angular cachefactory

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Lots of questions you got there ...

I would start with, grab a book and learn the JavaScript language in the right way.
Then, get the WebStorm IDE which is the best.

From that point just start to experience the environment. Go to nodejs docs, download from npmjs modules that you might need, read blogs.. There are tons of information out there.

You will like it for sure.

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It's really difficult, almost impossible to get the right answer. It's the same as asking which is the best framework for PHP. There are Express, Sails, Meteor, Tower and few more, but it really depends of what you want to build. Some of the above are simple, some of them are full stack frameworks. It just depends of your needs.

Regarding the database: as far as I know there are two major nosql database which are widely used - MongoDB and Redis. Again it depends of your project.

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