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I want to make an app, which has a splitview. On the right side of the split view should be a 3D model. This 3D model uses Cocos3d. Because of this, I used the example App of Cocos3D. This example App does not have an explicite ViewController class, but this (in the method -(void) establishDirectorController: of the AppDelegate):

// Create the view controller for the 3D view.
_viewController = [CC3DeviceCameraOverlayUIViewController new];
_viewController.supportedInterfaceOrientations = UIInterfaceOrientationMaskAll;
_viewController.viewShouldUseStencilBuffer = NO;        // Set to YES if using shadow volumes
_viewController.viewPixelSamples = 1;                   // Set to 4 for antialiasing multisampling

On the moment, my app shows the 3D model, like expected, but now I want to add the splitview. For this purpose I saw many tutorials, but each tutorial uses storyboards. These storyboards need access to the UIViewController of the right side.

How can I tell the storyboard, how to access this viewController, so that I have my normal 3D model on the right side?

Thank you!

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