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How to create an Arrow from Free and MonadFree ?

class (Functor f, Monad m) => MonadFree f m where ...

data Free f a = Impure (f (Free f a)) | Pure a

MonadFree contains 2 parameters m and f , but Kleisli has no space to insert f, so we cannot use Kleisli arrow for MonadFree.

As I understand, it is needed to create a class, a newtype and an instance, like these:

class Arrow a => ArrowFunctor f a | a -> f where
    afmap :: a b (f c)

newtype FKleisli f m a b = FKleisli { runFKleisli :: a -> f (m b) }

instance (Functor f, Monad m, MonadFree f m) => 
         ArrowFunctor (FKleisli f m a) where ...

But it looks like implementation is not trival

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Have you tried Kleisli (FreeT f m)? –  Sjoerd Visscher Sep 21 '13 at 15:19
nice! I'll try it! –  wit Sep 21 '13 at 17:51

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