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Today I started working on rhdfs and rmr2 packages.

mapreduce() function on a 1D vector worked well as expected. piece of code on 1D vector

a1 <- to.dfs(1:20)
a2 <- mapreduce(input=a1, map=function(k,v) keyval(v, v^2))
a3 <- as.data.frame(from.dfs(a2())

It returns following dataframe

    Key  Val
1     1    1
2    10  100
3    11  121
4    12  144
5    13  169
6    14  196
7    15  225
8    16  256
9    17  289
10   18  324
11   19  361
12    2    4
13   20  400
14    3    9
15    4   16
16    5   25
17    6   36
18    7   49
19    8   64
20    9   81

Till now, it was fine.

But, While working on mapreduce function on mtcars dataset, I got the following error message. Unable to debug it further. Kindly give some clue to move ahead.

My piece of code :

rs1 <- mapreduce(input=mtcars, 
                  map=function(k, v) {
                      if (mtcars$hp > 150) keyval("Bigger", 1) },
                  reduce=function(k, v)  keyval(k, sum(v))

Error Message with the above piece of code.

13/09/21 07:24:49 ERROR streaming.StreamJob: Missing required option: input
Usage: $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar \
          $HADOOP_HOME/hadoop-streaming.jar [options]
  -input    <path>     DFS input file(s) for the Map step
  -output   <path>     DFS output directory for the Reduce step
  -mapper   <cmd|JavaClassName>      The streaming command to run
  -combiner <cmd|JavaClassName> The streaming command to run
  -reducer  <cmd|JavaClassName>      The streaming command to run
  -file     <file>     File/dir to be shipped in the Job jar file
  -inputformat TextInputFormat(default)|SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat|JavaClassName Optional.
  -outputformat TextOutputFormat(default)|JavaClassName  Optional.
  -partitioner JavaClassName  Optional.
  -numReduceTasks <num>  Optional.
  -inputreader <spec>  Optional.
  -cmdenv   <n>=<v>    Optional. Pass env.var to streaming commands
  -mapdebug <path>  Optional. To run this script when a map task fails 
  -reducedebug <path>  Optional. To run this script when a reduce task fails 
  -io <identifier>  Optional.

Generic options supported are
-conf <configuration file>     specify an application configuration file
-D <property=value>            use value for given property
-fs <local|namenode:port>      specify a namenode
-jt <local|jobtracker:port>    specify a job tracker
-files <comma separated list of files>    specify comma separated files to be copied to the map reduce cluster
-libjars <comma separated list of jars>    specify comma separated jar files to include in the classpath.
-archives <comma separated list of archives>    specify comma separated archives to be unarchived on the compute machines.

The general command line syntax is
bin/hadoop command [genericOptions] [commandOptions]

For more details about these options:
Use $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar build/hadoop-streaming.jar -info

Streaming Command Failed!
Error in mr(map = map, reduce = reduce, combine = combine, vectorized.reduce,  : 
  hadoop streaming failed with error code 1

Quick and detailed responses are highly appreciated...

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2 Answers 2

The data which you are passing for Keyval,thinks it as vector, its not single entity. Try to interpret from below code.

Trying locally

  • loading data

  • view few data lines

    hpTest=mtcars$hp # taking required data
  • Final sum

    sum(hpTest[which(hpTest>150)])  # 2804

Running on Hadoop-MapReduce

  • exporting env variables

    # requied
  • Loading library

  • initializing

  • putting input into HDFS

    hpInput = to.dfs(mtcars$hp)
  • running MapReduce

    mapReduceResult <- mapreduce(input=hpInput, 
              map=function(k, v) { keyval( rep(1,length(which(inputData > 150))) ,v[which(v>150)] )} ,
              reduce=function(k2, v2){  keyval(k2, sum(v2))}
  • viewing MR output

  • output

    [1] 1
    [1] 2804    
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You can use built-in debugging functionality in the newest RStudio. Just rewrite you code in local MR manner

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in fact, no needs to rewrite code, RHadoop has local mode –  Konstantin Kudryavtsev May 1 '14 at 22:29

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