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I would like to use Emacs to edit some VB6 files but Emacs does not appear to have any of built-in niceties of other languages such as syntax highlighting, etc.

Any plugins/extensions? What else can I do to make Emacs an acceptable and comfortable IDE for VB?

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Visual Basic mode


edit: after installing this script (see script for instructions) syntax highlighting can be toggled via the options menu -- emacs calls it 'font-lock' :)

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Very useful. But there's a bug, at least in the version I found: the line (goto-cFormatCurrencyhar start) should be replaced by (goto-char start) (I think...I'm not a LISP programmer). –  user1071847 Sep 22 '14 at 21:43

For VB.NET, there is also a VBNET mode.

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