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I'm trying to open a video in gallery view without playing it. Like the following, how can I do that:

enter image description here

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Unfortunately it does not appear as though the stock Gallery app supports opening a video via Intent and not immediately playing the video.

As per the source for the Gallery's MovieActivity and MoviePlayer, the app will immediately start playing videos when the MovieActivity finishes loading the video.

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Thanks, I accepted the answer. Do you know if I could fork the view (the one in the screenshot, is it MovieActivity ?) and use it. –  Jimmy Sep 26 '13 at 21:10
I don't see why not! The source is licensed under the Apache License. If you find it's not working well for you, there are also other options such a using a VideoView –  Tanis.7x Sep 27 '13 at 14:07
have you tried to pause to video once you got the URI? –  crazyPixel Oct 1 '13 at 12:11

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