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i have to select the name from the drop down list in cakephp.So the names id(primary serial key should store in the foreign key(moduleid),i m not getting the syntax proper.

in .ctp file

echo $this->Form->input('Modulepart', array('label'=>'Module','type' => 'select', 'options' => $modules)); 

in controller file

$fields = array('id','moduleName');

    $modules = $this->Module->find('list', array('fields'=>$fields,'conditions'=>array('isactive'=>'1')));


how do i set the field moduleid from the name automatically??

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do you want to save module_id in your DB ? – Anil kumar Sep 21 '13 at 14:26
what is the relation between both tables? – Moyed Ansari Sep 21 '13 at 22:06

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I think may be your requirement may be saving of moduleid in DB, please try like this.

echo $this->Form->input('moduleid', array(
    'type' => 'select', 
    'options' => $modules

May be This will help you.

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