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I had to recently updgrade from jQuery 1.3 to 1.10. As a result lots jquery code was changed and plugins were upgraded. And consequently this resulted in lot of hours of manual testing. This got to me think that there should be a better way of testing/validating pages after any js/css change across my site.

I would like to do the following.

  • crawl all pages on my site.
  • Check all links on page work correctly
  • Check for basic html tag validation
  • Check for any JS & css errors.
  • jquery version compatible code
  • Any recommendations for tools that will allow me to perform all of the above test.


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    Free tools exist for quite many of those tasks. There are both web page based validators and browser plugins. I don't know if some tool would do all the below in one or couple steps, but these should get you at least started.

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