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I am getting from controller data in global variable @controller_data which contains array.

I am also using Highcharts, where is used following procedure for rendering data in charts:

data = [{
           y: 55.11,
           color: colors[0]
         }, {
           y: 21.63,
           color: colors[1]
         }, {
           y: 11.94,
           color: colors[2]
         }, {
           y: 7.15,
           color: colors[3]
         }, {
           y: 2.14,
           color: colors[4]

I am using HAML template system. How to fill out this Javascript array with data from controller?


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Assuming that @controller_data is just a simple array of hashes, suitable for passing directly to JavaScript:

  data = #{@controller_data.to_json};

Haml allows you to do string interpolation inside of content, including JavaScript Filters.

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Thank you @Phrogz, but I would need to prepare exactly the same array as is in the example above, .to_json doesn't prepare it that way. – user984621 Sep 21 '13 at 16:11
@user984621 If you want more help, you need to provide the data of your @controller_data. For example, what does @controller_data.inspect produce? – Phrogz Sep 21 '13 at 16:46

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