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I am looking for a text to speech component that i can use with as3/flex .


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I have an example of how to do this on my blog:

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I ported a HMM based TTS engine to Flash using the Alchemy compiler. Demos, explanation and code are here:

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This is real good example of client-side synthesis. I would give +100 if I could. –  alxx Feb 18 '11 at 8:02

I'm not sure if you mean to do it on the web or on the desktop. In fact, I didn't even know you could do it on the web until I saw James' reply up above.

I had done a TTS desktop application in Flash embedding the Flash ActiveX inside a C# application. The Flash movie sent a message to the shell using the ExternalInterface API, which in turn passed it on to a TTS ActiveX. I can't recall the name of the ActiveX we used, but there are several decent options to choose from. Turned out quite sweet.

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