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I am trying to use the java wrapper for the Nite2.2 library to perform user tracking with 2 (for now but hopefully 3) Asus Xtion sensors.

I have succeeded in getting the depth data from both sensors simultaneously, using the VideoStream class (from OpenNI2).

I can also perform user tracking with the UserTracker class (from Nite2.2) with one sensor but it does not work when I had a second sensor. The UserTracker is using twice the same stream to perform the tracking. So have on my screen 2 times the same image with the same tracking.

I have tried to use the constructor UserTracker.create(device) which allows you to specify a device per UserTracker but it returns the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException at com.primesense.nite.NativeMethods.checkReturnStatus(NativeMethods.java:30)

I am using ArchLinux 64 bits, Java 7, OpenNi2, NiTE2.2.

Any suggestion?



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