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I am having some troubles with the Oracle's platform SunSPOT. I have the java jdk7u40 64 bit, ant 1.9.1 installed, and the JAVA_HOME, ANT_HOME are installed as well. I am sure that I dont have any java 32 bits installed and the SunSPOT devices are properly recognized by windows.

Although, every time that I tried to start shared basestation, either using the SPOTManager (BaseStation -> Start SharedBaseStation) or the command line, a separated java window starts and then I've got the error:

Serial port=COM5

Socket MAC address=C0A8.4617.0000.E61C

Exception in thread "main" com.sun.spot.peripheral.SpotFatalException: don't expect any non-RuntimeException exceptions com.sun.spot.peripheral.TimeoutException: Got timeout waiting for response from basestation at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.ProxyMACCommandExecutor.executeRemoteCommand(ProxyMACCommandExecutor.java:95) at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.ProxyMAC.executeRemoteCommand(ProxyMAC.java:164) at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.ProxyMAC.resetProxy(ProxyMAC.java:139) at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.ProxyMAC.(ProxyMAC.java:53) at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.RadioFactory.getI802_15_4_MAC(RadioFactory.java:66) at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.BasestationManager.start(BasestationManager.java:146) at com.sun.spot.peripheral.radio.BasestationManagerGUI.main(BasestationManagerGUI.java:120)

I've got the same error, after installing everything on a windows 7 32 bits, windows 8 64 bits and windows xp 32 bits.

Thanks, Edgard.

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