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Our users have product listings, and I am working on an "Add Similar Product" feature. When a user clicks on "Add Similar" on an existing product we pre-populate certain fields on the Add Product page, pulling information from the existing product entry in our database.

I have this working for text-entry fields like price, but I am running into a problem with a drop down. On the page users select a "Category" and then a "Subcategory". The "Category" dropdown is a static list, and the "Subcategory" dropdown list populates dynamically on the page based on the Category that is selected. The original code for the dropdown forms, which works properly for adding new products without any information pre-populated is:

//main category drop down    
echo form_dropdown('main_category_id', array(NULL => ' - ') + $main_product_categories, isset($_POST['main_category_id']) ? $_POST['main_category_id'] : NULL, ' style="width: 220px;" id="main_category"');?>

<?php //Subcategory drop downs
     foreach($product_categories as $main_category_id=>$sub_cateogry_array) {
          //Alphabetize subcategory array

          //Echo the subcategory list
          echo form_dropdown((isset($_POST['main_category_id']) AND ($_POST['main_category_id'] == $main_category_id)) ? 'category_id' : NULL, 
          array(NULL => ' - ') + array_diff($sub_cateogry_array, array($main_category_id => $sub_cateogry_array[$main_category_id])) + array($main_category_id => $sub_cateogry_array[$main_category_id] . ' - Other'), 
          isset($_POST['category_id']) ? $_POST['category_id'] : NULL, 
          ' style="width: 220px;'. ((isset($_POST['main_category_id']) AND ($_POST['main_category_id'] == $main_category_id)) ? ';' : 'display: none;' ) .'" id="sub_category_'.$main_category_id.'"');


For the "Add Similar" feature I am using the following code within if statements that check the URL to see if similar product id is present. The above code is still on the page, but is only used for Add Product page that is not pre-populated.

//main category drop down - pre-populated
echo form_dropdown('main_category_id', array(NULL => ' - ') + $main_product_categories, $similar_product->main_category_id, ' style="width: 220px;" id="main_category"');

//Subcategory drop downs - pre-populated
foreach($product_categories as $main_category_id=>$sub_category_array) {
    //Alphabetize subcategory array

    //Echo the subcategory list
    echo form_dropdown('category_id', 
    array(NULL => ' - ') + array_diff($sub_category_array, array($main_category_id => $sub_category_array[$main_category_id])) + array($main_category_id => $sub_category_array[$main_category_id] . ' - Other'), 
    ' style="width: 220px;'. ((isset($similar_product->main_category_id) AND ($similar_product->main_category_id == $main_category_id)) ? ';' : 'display: none;' ) .'" id="sub_category_'.$main_category_id.'"');                


With this code the correct Category and Subcategory display in the dropdown forms when the page loads. However when the form is submitted only the Category (main_category_id) is submitted. The Subcategory (category_id) is empty in the POST data.

I have tried various things like checking variables in the controller after the form is submitted but before form validation is called and trying to redefine $_POST['category_id'] but no luck so far. Any tips or advice for addressing this is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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