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I create a SASS style as follows:

a .myhyperlink {
  color: #ce4dd6;
  &:hover { color: #ffb3ff; }
  &:visited { color: #c458cb; }

which compiles to

/* line 64, ../Sass/svcc.scss */
a .myhyperlink {
  color: #ce4dd6;
/* line 66, ../Sass/svcc.scss */
a .myhyperlink:hover {
  color: #ffb3ff;
/* line 67, ../Sass/svcc.scss */
a .myhyperlink:visited {
  color: #c458cb;

I was hoping that it then work on this

<a  class="myhyperlink" href="/VolunteerForJob" >Volunteer Page</a>
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When you want to match element with a specific class, you can't make a space between, like a .myhyperlink because it means all children of a element with class myhyperlink (that children). If you want to match an element a with myhyperlink class you have to write like this a.myhyperlink.

And if you want to use more classes on an single element: - that means a element with class .one and .two and .three.

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thanks for the explanation also. – Peter Kellner Sep 22 '13 at 4:04

The way you have it written write now it's targeting elements with a class of .myhperlink INSIDE anchor links.

You need a.myhyperlink (no space)

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