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I have created a zip file. But I don't create any file in my hosting. I want to create a zip file virtually (i.e. Temp Memory) then it's to be download. How I will do this process with PHP? Please help me any one. It's urgent for me.

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Have you looked at the documentation for ZipArchive in the PHP docs? creating the file in the php://output stream? –  Mark Baker Sep 21 '13 at 20:31

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Quoting nettle that answered this in a previoues question

I had the same problem but finally found a somewhat obscure solution and decided to share it here.

I came accross the great zip.lib.php/unzip.lib.php scripts which come with phpmyadmin and are located in the "libraries" directory.

Using zip.lib.php worked as a charm for me:

require_once(LIBS_DIR . 'zip.lib.php');


//create the zip $zip = new zipfile();

//add files to the zip, passing file contents, not actual files
$zip->addFile($file_content, $file_name);


//prepare the proper content type header("Content-type:
application/octet-stream"); header("Content-Disposition: attachment;
filename=my_archive.zip"); header("Content-Description: Files of an

//get the zip content and send it back to the browser echo

This script allows downloading of a zip, without the need of having the files as real files or saving the zip itself as a file.

It is a shame that this functionality is not part of a more generic PHP library.

Here is a link to the zip.lib.php file from the phpmyadmin source: https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/blob/master/libraries/zip.lib.php

Make sure you remove the following check from the beginning of zip.lib.php as otherwise the script just terminates:

    if (! defined('PHPMYADMIN')) {
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If you believe this question is a duplicate (and it probably is) a good approach is just to add a comment to that effect under the question. Higher-rep users will see that, and may cast a close vote. –  halfer Sep 21 '13 at 20:39
Oh my bad i am sorry, will keep this in mind in the future, thank you for poining it out. –  Dan-Levi Tømta Oct 2 '13 at 5:04

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