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I have one problem, data is not getting refresh in datatable.I am opening a dialoge box in which I have accordian panel in acordian panel I have tab in tab I have datatable.

<p:dialog id="dlgAddEditFundsCustFinAcct"               
                widgetVar="dlgAddEditFundsCustFinAcctWidget" modal="true"
<p:accordionPanel id="accAEFCFA" widgetVar="accWidget">
    <p:tab id="tabDocuments" widgetVar="tabDocumentsWidget">
<p:panel id="pnlDocuments" widgetVar="pnlDocumentsWidget" >
<p:panelGrid id="pgDocumentTable" columns="5">
<p:dataTable id="dtDocumentTable" var="documentRecord" value="#addEditFundsCustFinAcctManagedBean.documentDetails}"         widgetVar="documentTable">

And I have properly close all the tab.

And I am trying to call this dialogue box using

<p:commandButton value="Yes" styleClass="button-green"
 id="btnAddSellerAccountSsr"                    oncomplete="confirmAccountDialog.hide(),"    update=":parentForm:dlgAddEditFundsCustFinAcct" />

"parentForm" is my form name.

The one thing is that if I call update inside the on some event like filtering on column or on rowclick then data is getting refresh in datatable.

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 <p:commandButton value="Yes" styleClass="button-green" id="btnAddSellerAccountSsr" 
    update="dtDocumentTable" >
        <f:ajax render="dtDocumentTable"/>
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Please elaborate in technical developer's terms how exactly the problem is caused and how exactly this piece of code solves it, instead of making it a completely unhelpful Search&Find game. – BalusC Sep 23 '13 at 0:32

use two forms. one for dialog box and other for parentform, and then update dialogbox datatable using its id

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Thank You Saurabh and Zaido.

Unfortunatly both solution has not worked for me. But I have solved the issue by calling clearfilter methode of datatable (this is client side methode).

<p:commandButton value="Yes" styleClass="button-green" id="btnAddSellerAccountSsr" 
    update="dtDocumentTable" >
        <f:ajax render="dtDocumentTable"/>

where documentTable is widgetVar of datatable.

Hope this solution will help any one who has same issue :)

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I am facing the same issue but not able to fix it. Can you help me? – Arun Raja Apr 24 '15 at 3:56

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