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I am looking for a way to take a user uploaded image that is currently put in a temporary location ex: /tmp/jkhjkh78 and create a php image from it, autodetecting the format.

Is there a more clever way to do this than a bunch of try/catching with imagefromjpeg, imagefrompng, etc?

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This is one of the functions of getimagesize. They probably should have called it "getimageinfo", but that's PHP for you.

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   //Image Processing
    $cover = $_FILES['cover']['name'];
    $cover_tmp_name = $_FILES['cover']['tmp_name'];
    $cover_img_path = '/images/';
    $type = exif_imagetype($cover_tmp_name);

        $cover_pre_name = md5($cover);  //Just to make a image name random and cool :D
 * @description : possible exif_imagetype() return values in $type
 * 1 - gif image
 * 2 - jpg image
 * 3 - png image
 * 6 - bmp image
        switch ($type) {    #There are more type you can choose. Take a look in php manual ->
            case '1' :
                $cover_format = 'gif';
            case '2' :
                $cover_format = 'jpg';
            case '3' :
                $cover_format = 'png';
            case '6' :
                $cover_format = 'bmp';

            default :
                die('There is an error processing the image -> please try again with a new image');
    $cover_name = $cover_pre_name . '.' . $cover_format;
      //Checks whether the uploaded file exist or not
            if (file_exists($cover_img_path . $cover_name)) {
                $extra = 1;
                while (file_exists($cover_img_path . $cover_name)) {
        $cover_name = md5($cover) . $extra . '.' . $cover_format;
     //Image Processing Ends

this will make image name look cool and unique

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You could try finfo_file(), apparently an improved version of mime_content_type().

Edit: OK, getimagesize() is better..

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Use exif_imagetype() if it's available ..:

I'm pretty sure exif functions are available by default (i.e. you have to specifically exclude them rather than specifically include them) when you install php

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You can call a system command (if you're under linux/unix), file if you like:

kender@eira:~$ file a
a: JPEG image data, EXIF standard 2.2
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This will help you to know the Extension as well as result based on condition

$image_file = '';
$extension = substr($image_file, -4);
if($extension == ".jpg"){ echo 'Its a JPG Image.'; } else { echo 'Its not a JPG Image.'; }

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First of all there's no check for the extensions jpeg, jpe, jif and jfif. While uncommon, they're still used by some people (Mostly jpeg though). Moreover, the extension doesn not necessarily reflect the image format and uploading a PHP file with the JPG extension could be fatal if a website is vulnerable to local file inclusion. – Time Sheep Feb 3 '14 at 18:25

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