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ok, so i made a mini Rich text editor and if i want to insert a link i insert into the textarea the html like this: <a href=http://google.com>go to google</a>, it works just fine but when i reopen that text for editing i don't get the complete html tag...all i get is go to google without <a href=http://google.com&gt; and </a>. i have to mention that the text is stored in a xml document. Can someone tell me where the problem is and how should i do it to get the full <a href=http://google.com>go to google</a> ? thanks

LATER EDIT: in my xml file special characters are escaped(ex: < becomes \&gt;)

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When embedding HTML in XML, try escaping the special characters (less than, greater than, and ampersand) as

  • &lt;
  • &gt;
  • &amp;
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and how exactly should i do that? i tried something lilke: \&lt;a href=\"google.com\"\&gt;go to google\&lt;/a\&gt; but with no success –  kmunky Dec 12 '09 at 18:47
First, try removing the backslashes before the ampersands and the quotes. Backslashes are never used to escape things in XML. (And you don't need to escape the quotes.) I think the only things you can escape in XML are less than, greater than, and ampersand. Having said that, I don't think removing backslashes will solve your original problem. If escaping with ampersands doesn't work, I'm fresh out of ideas. :-( –  user175839 Dec 13 '09 at 7:32

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