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I'm creating a programe to manage tar file. I print the permission of the file with the struct stat :

printf("%d\n", buff->st_mode); /* I get a number like 33152 */

but I need to put the permission in my mode[8] of struct header :

typedef struct  s_head
    char        name[100];
    char        mode[8];
    char        uid[8];
    char        gid[8];
    char        size[12];
    char        mtime[12];
    char        chksum[8];
    char        linkflag;
    char        linkname[100];
    char        magic[8];
    char        uname[32];
    char        gname[32];
    char        devmajor[8];
    char        devminor[8];
}               t_head;

and when I print mode i should get somthing like this 000600 (for rw-------) but how could I convert my st_mode in a char * with the right writing

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Use octal.

The number OP has is an int with a value of 33152. By printing this as an octal number the usual "rwx" settings are more apparent: 100600 .

// printf("%d\n", buff->st_mode); // OP gets a number like 33152
printf("%o\n", buff->st_mode);    // 100600
snprintf(s_head.mode, sizeof(s_head.mode), "%06o", buff->st_mode); // "100600"
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