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what I entered in editor:

 i1 = input("1 :");
i2 = input("2 :");
i3 = input("3 :");
i4 = input("4 :");
i5 = input("5 :");

media = (i1 + i2 + i3 + i4 + i5)/2 ;


what do I get :

1 :2
2 :3
3 :4
4 :5
5 :6
             !--error 42 
Incompatible input argument.
at line       9 of exec file called by :    
exec('C:\Users\*****\Documents\scilab\media2.sce', -1)

I would like to know what is wrong

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Print is mostly used to print variables to a file. It could be used to print to the display, but you should give %io(2) as file argument as mentioned in the documentation. So then, your code would become:

print(%io(2), media );


The usual syntax for displaying results within Scilab is disp.



disp("Media is: " + string(media) );


You could also use the more c-style printf function as such

printf('Result is:\n media=%f',media);
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