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Why I can't close the server by requesting localhost:13777/close in browser (it continues to accept new requests), but it will gracefully close on timeout 15000? Node version is 0.10.18. I fell into this problem, trying to use code example from docs on exceptions handling by domains (it was giving me 'Not running' error every time I secondly tried to request error page) and finally came to this code.

var server

server = require("http").createServer(function(req,res){

  if(req.url == "/close")
    console.log("Closing server (no timeout)")

      console.log("I'm the timeout")
    }, 5000);    

      console.log("Server closed (no timeout)")



server.listen(13777,function(){console.log("Server listening")});


  console.log("Closing server (timeout 15000)")
  server.close(function(){console.log("Server closed (timeout 15000)")})

}, 15000);
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The server is still waiting on requests from the client. The client is utilizing HTTP keep-alive.

I think you will find that while the existing client can make new requests (as the connection is already established), other clients won't be able to.

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