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Is there a setup of windows and menus that proves especially useful while coding? For example on my laptop I hide the toolbar so I have more editor space. I use ctrl-F7 to open views so I don't need to have them visible all the time.

Note: the PHP tag is only because I use PHP. This is not a PDT or PHP specific question.

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I make heavy use of Eclipse's maximize command (Ctrl-M on Windows, Cmd-M on Mac) to maximize the editor while coding. When you maximize, all views other than the editor are hidden.

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Yes, maximizing the editor works as noted in previous answer. Use the Quick Outline (Ctrl+O) to compensate for the lack of visible outline which is the one thing I miss in that case.

For me, it really helps to view two editors side-by-side. This works really well if you are working with a wide monitor. I use a 20" and I can comfortably accommodate two editors and the outline. On a laptop, you may want to hide the outline.

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