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Well I have that code that saves an array map on a txt file:

std::ofstream output("mapa.txt");
for(int y=0;y<worldHeight;y++) {
    for(int x=0;x<worldWidth;x++) {


I want to integrate it to a while loop:

std::ofstream output("mapa.txt");

while (true) {
    if (yPos == topOfTheWorld) {
        scene[xPos][yPos] = 2;
    } else if (yPos >= topOfTheWorld) {
        scene[xPos][yPos] = 1;
    } else if(yPos < topOfTheWorld) {
        scene[xPos][yPos] = 0;
    } else {
        scene[xPos][yPos] = 0;

    output<<scene[xPos][yPos] << ",";




    if(yPos>worldHeight) {
        slope = random(5)-2;
        if(topOfTheWorld<(worldHeight/6)) {
            slope = 1;
        } else if(topOfTheWorld>(worldHeight-10)) {
            slope = -1;
        topOfTheWorld += slope;
        yPos = 0;

    if (xPos>=worldWidth) {


But for some reason the 'while' loop becomes infinite... :/

What can I do?

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if(xPos>=worldWidth) breaks the while loop, so obviously you need to monitor you xPos, re-check your algorithm. Use std::cout or a debugger –  P0W Sep 22 '13 at 8:57
Hi P0W! std::cout? I'm using SFML not a console.. :P –  Seazoux Sep 22 '13 at 14:35

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The code looks good. However I'm not sure if scene is correctly allocated. You have yPos>worldHeight and below xPos>=worldWidth which suggests that you're not sure how to compare these. I suspect you got at least one of them wrong. This can easily write outside the scene variable and overwrite yPos or xPos.

Try changing to ypos>=worldHeight and see if that works. If not check how much space you allocate for scene and if it looks OK try making it a bit bigger.

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Well stackoverflow.com/a/18935216/2466790 Is the solution xD I forget to put >= in the if... As somebody has said me before... So your ans is correct, voted and ticked! :D –  Seazoux Sep 22 '13 at 14:39

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