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I got a small problem with a part of my linkerscript. It says, that there is a syntax error, but I'm not able to recognize where the ... it should be wrong ...

Maybe you can have a look on it:

.init_array     :
PROVIDE_HIDDEN (__init_array_start = .);
KEEP (*(.init_array))
KEEP (*(EXCLUDE_FILE (*crtbegin.o *crtbegin?.o *crtend.o *crtend?.o ) .ctors))
PROVIDE_HIDDEN (__init_array_end = .);

Output of compiler is: /usr/bin/ld:linkerscript.ld:93: syntax error

Line 93 is the line "KEEP (*(SORT_BY_INIT_PRIORITY ...."

Thanks for your help!

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Aren't you missing terminating semicolons on lines 93-95 ?

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