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I used to rename links with a question mark after them, like this:

LinkName.mp4? to Anything I want.mp4

So the link will be downloaded with "Anything I want" name, instead of "LinkName"...

But now, the question mark won't work anymore!

Is there any other way that I can rename links without any script?

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I dont think you can do this with simple changes in HTML. You can either rename the actual file (thus the link itself), or make a php script to implement this particular feature.

And one thing I dont understand, is that why dont you just change the displayed text of the link like

<a href="anything_you_want.mp4">LinkName</a>


You can do it in html5 like this (doesnt work in old browsers):

<a href="linkname.mp4" download="anything_you_want.mp4">Link Title</a>

MDN reference

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Not the displayed text... If you click on you link here, It will be downloaded with this name: "anything_you_want.mp4"... But I want it to be downloaded with any name I want! I'm sure I did this with question mark before! But it won't work anymore... –  MR. Garcia Sep 22 '13 at 21:55
Your old way is nonstandard. I've updated the answer, hope it helps. –  ledzep2 Sep 23 '13 at 0:08

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