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I downloaded the 7z SDK. I would like to compile the Ansi C LZMA lib in order to have the DLL. I opened the project in VS2012.

In the projects properties, the scope is to DLL, nevertheless, when i build the project, it creates lib and obj files but no DLL.

Anyone could help me please ?

Thanks a lot,

best regards,


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In the LZMA SDK archive you can download from the 7-Zip website there is a Visual Studio project in folder C\Util\LzmaLib named LzmaLib.dsw which generates a sln after you open it with Visual Studio(works with VS2008, I didn't try with VS2012 but it should work).

Compiling this project will generate the wanted LZMA.dll in C:\Util folder.

Let me know if it worked.

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I started off with the advice of Jacob, located the .dsw file, and converted it to Visual Studio Community 2015 RC. I had the same issue as you however, that no dll was created. But there were warnings. Here's what I did.

  • Under properties > configuration properties > general, I set both "Output directory" and "Intermediate directory" to $(ProjectDir)Release\
  • In the same place I changed "Target Name" to "lzma"
  • Under properties > configuration properties > Linker > General, I set "Output file" to "$(ProjectDir)Release\lzma.dll"

And that did it for me.

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