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The webhost I use logs me out if there is 3 minutes of inactivity. I created a simple script to save me typing to server address everytime which is...

ftp www.mywebsite.com

But what I really want is for the script to log me in so I can start sending commands! When I searched the only solution I found was

ftp: ftp://username:password@www.mywebsite.com

But this just returns

ftp: ftp://username:password@www.mywebsite.com: System error

I'm using linux mint 15


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Not sure i understood. Why not use Filezilla and send an automatic keep-alive command (found under Settings -> Connection -> FTP)

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Filezilla does what I want but i really want a command line tool...When i run the command 'filezilla user:pass@web.com'; it logs me in but when I replace 'filezilla' with 'ftp' I get an error... –  user2366123 Sep 22 '13 at 13:34

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