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I am trying to use pro chat rooms in phpfox and use full_name insted of user_name as the users' display names in the chat room/s.

Problem is that the user/full_names are used as session identifiers so if peoploe with the same name enter the room it causes problems.

My question is, can somebody please tell me how to add a integer/random number to the name so that it is unique?

This is the code:

define('C_CUSTOM_USERNAME',$_SESSION['tmp_user']); // username
define('C_CUSTOM_USERID',$_SESSION['tmp_id']); // userid

I would like for the user_name to be something like tmp_user + integer, if that makes any sense at all?

better still, if the integer or random number could be hidden as well that would be even better.

Sorry if I seem ignorant but I have next to no idea how these things work.

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If you don't prevent users from putting numbers in their username, simply appending an integer to the username could also cause problems (bob1 and bob could both end up as bob12 after adding a unique ID). It's best to identify users purely by unique ID. Unless you're talking about on a room basis, as in what the other users see, in this case appending a unique ID could be a good idea, but maybe _uniqueID, starting at _2 only if there's another user with the same name in that room. –  Dukeling Sep 22 '13 at 13:33
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