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I am writing a program in which I want to call a function every second. I use GetSystemTime() to get the time and I have stated an if to check whether the previous second is equal to the current second or not, and if it isn't, load the function. Here's the code:

int prevsec = cursec;
cursec = systime.wSecond;
curmsec = systime.wMilliseconds;
if ( curmsec - prevmsec > 100 )
    prevmsec = curmsec;
if ( prevsec != cursec )
    prevmsec = 0;

My only problem is, I don't know where to put it; if I put it at the beginning of my Windows Procedure, as I currently have, it will check if it should load the function every time a new message is sent, therefore when the window is open and you aren't doing anything, it won't check if the time has changed and therefore it won't work properly. I want to know if there is a place where I can put the code so it just keeps on checking the time (like in a infinite while loop) without seeing the "not responding" message. I hope you understood the question, thank you :)

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Use the SetTimer function to get a WM_TIMER message once every second.

Note: Windows isn't super-reliable about this sort of thing. You might go several seconds between messages, or get several in a short time.

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Thanks a lot! It works! I set a timer when the window was created and in the WM_TIMER section, I told it to load the function and set another timer. I was thinking a whole day to find a solution. Thank you! I will set this as best answer as soon as I can. –  Ali D Hosseini Sep 22 '13 at 13:24
You should only need to use it once - and then you'll get a WM_TIMER message every second until you shut it down. If you create more timers every time it calls, you'll wind up with a lot of timers. –  Aric TenEyck Sep 22 '13 at 14:56
Oh, thanks for telling me! No wonder my program kept getting slower the more it was open... :D –  Ali D Hosseini Sep 23 '13 at 15:57

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