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I'm trying to setup a gitolite server with gitweb as web interface. I've created a new user (named git) and installed gitolite as follows (git was installed previously):

git@server:~$ git clone git://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite
git@server:~$ mkdir /home/git/bin
git@server:~$ gitolite/install -ln

I've created a RSA key (gitolite_admin.pub) on my PC and uploaded it onto the the server and started the gitolite setup.

git@server:~$ bin/gitolite setup -pk gitolite_admin.pub

I can see the gitolite-admin repo in gitweb: before push After the setup on the server I've cloned the gitolite-admin.git repo onto my PC.

git clone ssh://git@server:6565/gitolite-admin.git

I edited gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf like this:

repo gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   gitolite_admin

repo foo_repo
    RW+     =   gitolite_admin

commit + push

konze@desktop:gitolite-admin$ git commit -am "Added foo repo"
konze@desktop:gitolite-admin$ git push

After I've pushed the repo onto the server I can't see gitolite-admin.git in gitweb enter image description here

The apache error log says this:

[Sun Sep 22 15:58:19 2013] index.cgi:  at /usr/share/gitweb/index.cgi line 2884
fatal: Not a git repository: '/home/git/repositories/gitolite-admin.git'

What went wrong? I can still access the git repos from my PC.

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Just to be sure, try a re-do the installation, with an admin ssh key named "gitolite" or "gitoliteadm" instead of "gitolite-admin". Between the repo and the admin user, it is a bit confusing, and could cause the issue. –  VonC Sep 22 '13 at 14:25
I've renamed gitolite_admin.pub to gitolite.pub and gitoliteadm.pub and installed it again, however it doesn't help. –  konze Sep 22 '13 at 14:37
Do you still see your /home/git/repositories/gitolite-admin.git? And what does your /home/git/.gitolite/conf/gitolite.conf file looks like? –  VonC Sep 22 '13 at 14:44
Yes I do see /home/git/repositories/gitolite-admin.git. My gitolite.conf looks like the gitolite.conf in my first Post (after editing it on my PC). –  konze Sep 24 '13 at 12:36

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