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Is there any lightweight version of nosql database system which can be easily redeployed - like MSSQL compact / SQLite?

Like db engine binaries need to be only copied - actual data is stored in a file.


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You could try RavenDB which can work in an embedded mode.

Quote from the documentation:

RavenDB makes it very easy to be embedded within your application. The first step is to reference the embedded client, either via nuget (package name: RavenDB-Embedded) or by taking the files from the build zip.

After referencing the embedded client from your project, all that is left to do is initializing:

var documentStore = new EmbeddableDocumentStore { DataDirectory = "Data" };

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Thanks Darin it is something useful. – Rishikesh Parkhe Sep 27 '13 at 5:01

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