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I'm now learning php and codeigniter and now I want to combine query to be fast and effective. I have made all, but haven't joined the last table...

I have 4 tables: posts, users, post_categories, categories;

enter image description here

And what I want to get:

  1. All posts
  2. User info using usr_id
  3. Get all categories id from post_categories using cat_ids
  4. And get each name of category using id_*

This is what I end up... it's not complete because I've got stuck with getting categories name for each of id_*

$data = $this->db->select('p.*, u.nickname, u.usr_status, u.usr_rating, pc.*')
                    ->from('posts p')
                    ->join('users u', 'p.usr_id =', 'left')
                    ->join('post_categories pc', 'p.cat_ids =', 'left')
                    ->limit($limit, $start)
                    ->order_by('', 'desc')
                    ->where('', 1)

Anyone could help me to end up this query in codeigniter?

edit: in post_categories: id_1 always will be... but id_2 and id_3 could stay as NULL(default value)

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Something like the following SQL query should work for you...

    users.nickname, users.user_status, users.usr_rating,
    c1.category as category_1,
    c2.category as category_2,
    c3.category as category_3
FROM posts
INNER JOIN users ON = posts.user_id
INNER JOIN post_dategories ON = posts.cat_ids
INNER JOIN categories c1 ON post_categories.id_1 =
LEFT JOIN categories c2 ON post_categories.id_2 =
LEFT JOIN categories c3 ON post_categories.id_3 =

NOTE: LEFT JOIN on c2 and c3 because you said they were optional

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tnx that's worked fine for me –  user2779986 Sep 22 '13 at 15:50

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