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public class CustomProperty<T>
    private T _value;

    public CustomProperty(T val)
        _value = val;
    public T Value
        get { return this._value; }
        set { this._value = value; }

public class CustomPropertyAccess
    public CustomProperty<string> Name = new CustomProperty<string>("cfgf");
    public CustomProperty<int> Age = new CustomProperty<int>(0);
    public CustomPropertyAccess() { }

//I jest beginer in reflection. 

//How can access GetValue of  CPA.Age.Value using fuly reflection

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
   CustomPropertyAccess CPA = new CustomPropertyAccess();
   CPA.Name.Value = "lino";
   CPA.Age.Value = 25;

//I did like this . this is the error   “ Non-static method requires a target.”
MessageBox.Show(CPA.GetType().GetField("Name").FieldType.GetProperty("Value").GetValue(null     ,null).ToString());

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How about a method like this:

public Object GetPropValue(String name, Object obj) {
    foreach (String part in name.Split('.')) {
        if (obj == null) { return null; }

        Type type = obj.GetType();
        PropertyInfo info = type.GetProperty(part);
        if (info == null) { return null; }

        obj = info.GetValue(obj, null);
    return obj;

And use it like so:

Object val = GetPropValue("Age.Value", CPA);
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Read the error message.

Non-static methods and properties are associated with an instance of a class - and so you need to provide an instance when trying to access them through reflection.

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In the GetProperty.GetValue method, you need to specify the object for which you want to get the property value. In your case, it would be: GetValue(CPA ,null)

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