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How i can get a hash or any text from URL after the question mark. For example "http://mediafire.com/?lmle92c5l50uuy5" I want to get the hash "lmle92c5l50uuy5"

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Try $_SERVER superglobal if you want to get "hash" for current URL:


If you really need to parse not your URL, you might also use strstr() + ltrim():

$url = "http://mediafire.com/?lmle92c5l50uuy5";

echo ltrim(strstr($url, '?'), '?');



Also possible to use explode() (as mentioned in @Shubham's answer), but make it shorter with list() language construction:

$url = "http://mediafire.com/?lmle92c5l50uuy5";

list(, $hash) = explode('?', $url);

echo $hash;
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very simple, thx :) –  Qomari Sanjaya Sep 22 '13 at 15:44

Use explode().

$arr = explode("?", "http://mediafire.com/?lmle92c5l50uuy5");
$hash = $arr[1];


You can use parse_url() too.

$hash = parse_url("http://mediafire.com/?lmle92c5l50uuy5", PHP_URL_QUERY);
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