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class cluster{ //cluster is basically a tree
    int data;
    cluster *left;
    cluster *right; 

; }; /cluster is a tree, queue is what i want to insert clusters into for agglomerative clustering . I wanted to know why the void add and cluster* del are giving error

    class queue: public cluster{ //defining queue
        cluster *cluster;
        queue *next;
        void add(cluster*); //this gives error! Why? I ahve a datatype. 
        cluster* del(cluster*); //so does this
        void display();
        int size();
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-1: poorly written and formatted. Also, you mentioned an error but didn't show the error message – Vittorio Romeo Sep 22 '13 at 18:11
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In void add(cluster*), the name cluster resolves to the data member queue::cluser, not to the class name ::cluster.

Avoid giving the same name to a type and to a variable. You are only confusing yourself.

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