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How can I call a template with a variable number of arguments that have Html type in play?

I created a template in play2 defined like the following:

@(tabs: Html*)

<div class="btn-group" style="margin-bottom:20px">
    @for((tab,index) <- tabs.zipWithIndex){
        <a class="btn btn-mini btn-info active" id="display-hierarchy-@index" href="javascript:void(0)"><i class="icon icon-random icon-white"></i></a>
@for((tab,index) <- tabs.zipWithIndex){
    <div id="display-hierarchy-tab-@index" class="onetab">

I tried to call it like


I tried other varios combinations but it fails with:

type mismatch; found : scala.xml.Elem required: play.api.templates.Html
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You can use a workaround:

Example call in a template file:


The TabsBuilder:

package views.html

import play.api.templates.Html

class TabsBuilder(templates: Vector[Html]) {
  def apply(html: Html) = new TabsBuilder(templates :+ html)
  def map(f: Seq[Html] => Html) = f(templates)

object TabsBuilder {
  def apply(html: Html) = new TabsBuilder(Vector(html))

The TabsBuilder enables you to write the code like you would have a variable number of parameter lists.

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