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What is Vagrant doing behind the scenes to the host and guest machine when it sets up a private network with a fixed IP (http://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/networking/private_network.html)?

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  config.vm.network "private_network", ip: ""
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On the host side, Vagrant does nothing. As far as I know Vagrant never touchs host network configuration.

On the guest side, the current provider implements the network configuration logic. Here is what the VirtualBox provider does:


Basically the implementation is composed of two sequential steps:

  1. Enable all the needed network adapters on the virtual machine, using hypervisor commands;
  2. Configure the IP address on the guest OS, using guest capabilities, in this case the configure_networks capability.

As an example, here is the implementation for the configure_networks capability on debian-based linux OS:


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Back in Vagrant 1.0.x it is called Host-only Networking, it is a feature of VirtualBox, which allows multiple virtual machines to communicate with each other through a network via the host machine. The network created by host-only networking is private to the VMs involved and the host machine. The outside world cannot join this network.

Behind the scene, VirtualBox creates a new virtual interface ("loopback") on the host which appears next to the existing network interfaces.

VirtualBox even provide a built-in DHCP server for host-only networking (Private Networking) if no static IPs have been assigned. It can be configured in File - Preferences - Network.

See more at =>

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If I'm behind a router. Is the private IP assigned as part of the router? Or is it private to my own machine? How can I make sure that the private network is not assigned to the router, that is it doesn't use the DHCP of the router? –  CMCDragonkai Jun 14 at 8:35
@CMCDragonkai Your router is NOT involved in VirtualBox's private network. You can unplug / disconnect from LAN and you should still be able to use it Private Network (internal network). –  Terry Wang Jun 16 at 0:13
Ok cool awesome! –  CMCDragonkai Jun 16 at 0:44

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