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I am using this project (dropboxlogin.py) on github. First thing, I removed import console and changed keychain to keyring to make everything work on ubuntu.

This error occurs:

File "/home/wottpal/Arbeitsfläche/sync/dropboxlogin.py", line 19, in get_request_token
    webbrowser.open(url, modal=True)
TypeError: open() got an unexpected keyword argument 'modal'

That's why I have removed the modal=True from webbrowser.open(url, modal=True). Now the webbrowser opens the correct dropbox-page but the code continues running before I can push "Connect to Dropbox" in the webbrowser and thats why python thinks the authentification response is incorrect.

Is there any possibility to let the python code wait until I have confirmed the webform?

My solution (works, but..)

webbrowser.open(url, modal=True)
return request_token

If i confirm the webform in these 15 seconds everything works just fine...

Thanks in advance

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