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I have a small studio from Europe and we have some questions. Currently, we are considering a 3d engine for our upcoming project and so far Unity is one of the best options for us. This is why we are considering PRO Commercial version.

Opened questions from us: 1. Our project must run inside browser - is there an option for our project to work without Unity Web Player ? Well, we don't quite understand web player -> One of the examples we opened, requested just Java confirmation, but another one needed whole Unity Web Player downloaded. How does web compile work? We would be satisfied if it would just need Java to work, but no external plugins like Unity Web Player. Can this be done ?

  1. Is it possible for Unity to communicate with external databases (mySQL) to get data inside our game? If we go more into details, we have materials stored in database, and our game will need to read material types from database. Is this possible ?

  2. Can web player communicate with user file system in a way, that user is able to upload files into the game ?

  3. Is it possible for user to change parameters of the models/objects inside his game? We need to create kind of an "editor" of objects inside the game, so that user is able to change them.

  4. Is there any asset already developed that would allow user to have undo and redo inside his game - in case he makes a mistake ?

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