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I'm trying to install openpyxl and I haven't the clue how to install it. I have my C:\Python27...but what directory do I put it in? FYI, I'm a complete noob to modules and what not...I appreciate your help.

I have put in the lib and libs directory of python and try installing it to no avail. Here is a link to the site I got my download... http://pythonhosted.org/openpyxl/.

Basically, I extracted the file and move it to the lib directory. However, I cannot import it.

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Might be easier to use pip or easy_install and do pip install openpyxl or easy_install openpyxl. –  BrenBarn Sep 22 '13 at 21:50

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It's even easier when the package is on the Python Package Index (PyPI). Just install pip and use it to download and install the package and all its dependencies.


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There is a setup.py script provided. Typically you run:

python setup.py install

From the directory were you've downloaded the library, and it gets installed automatically.

Consider also more convenient tools that manage installing Python libraries in general like pip or easy_install mentioned in other answers and comments.

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