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I'm trying to finish my sudoku game. Basic functionality attained, but I can't work out how to make the Hard Game button create a difficult version of the default Easy Game. I understand that the form tag needs to enclose some information about what needs to be sent, but I don't understand how to organise this information.

At the moment I'm trying to make the Hard Game button do exactly what the default game button does, just using a slightly altered piece of ruby code in the .rb file. At present, my HTML code looks like this:

<title>sudoku game</title>
 <!--link to css stylesheet-->

 <link href="/stylesheets/application.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

    <h1>U * k * o * d * U * s</h1> 
<div id="flash">
  <%= flash[:notice] %>
    <div id="sudoku">
        <form action="/" method="post"> 
            <!--one div for each row -->
        <% 3.times do |row| %>
            <div class="row">hackpad
                <% 3.times do |box| %>
                    <div class="box">
                        <!---each box will have nine cells-->
                        <% 3.times do |cell_row| %>
                            <div class="cell-row">
                                <% 3.times do |cell| %>

                                <%= partial :cell, :locals=>{:cell_index => row*27+box*3+cell_row*9+cell} %> 
                                <% end %>
                        <% end %>
                <% end %>   
        <% end %>

      <!-- all boxes, rows and cells -->
      <button>Check solution</button>

    <form action="/hard" method="post">
    <button>Hard Game</button>

    <form action="/reset" method="get">
    <button>Reset Game</button>

    <form action="/solution" method="get">
    <button>Give Up</button>

The ruby code for generating a new puzzle is this:

def puzzle(sudoku)
    # sudoku = sudoku.dup do |sudoku,index|
    if Random.rand(100)<45

The difference between this code and the one I want to use for generating a harder game is that 45 is replaced with 15. That is it.

I know this isn't the most sophisticated way of generating puzzles of varying difficulty, but I just want to understand how the form button works if you want to post slightly altered versions of the same content.

Error messages I keep getting include:

NoMethodError at /hard undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

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What web framework are you using? Rails? – Maikeru Sep 23 '13 at 0:30
Yup that's right. – n0hands Sep 23 '13 at 10:33

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