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I have a restful web service(JAVA) which has to accept JSON requests. I have to first validate this JSON against a JSON schema that I have. I'm not sure what is the best JAVA library to validate JSON again JSON schemas. I have used json-schema-validator-2.1.7 library but it has not been very helpful. Even thought my JSON is not a valid JSON I do not get any errors.

Here is the code I use for json-schema-validator-2.1.7

InputStream jsonSchemaInputStream = Assessment.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("Schemas/AssessmentMetrics.json");
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

// Allows to retrieve a JSONSchema object on various sources
// supported by the ObjectMapper provided
JSONSchemaProvider schemaProvider = new JacksonSchemaProvider(mapper);

// Retrieves a JSON Schema object based on a file
JSONSchema schema = schemaProvider.getSchema(jsonSchemaInputStream);

// Validates a JSON Instance object stored in a file
List<String> errors = schema.validate(contents);
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as stated by Francis here!topic/json-schema/ew_s7G9PoxE (guy who wrote the library you're using), it seems that the most complete option in java for JSON Schema validation is his library... well, you may want to try jackson validation module too. Also, remember that 2.1.7 is not the stable version, but 2.0.1 (according to That said, I'd ask you to add to your question a sample of your schema and the json you're trying to validate. – user1073494 Jan 19 '14 at 21:15

I'm biased with jackson for all things JSON.

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