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How do I install Kohana v3.3.1 on Openshift? Do I create the PHP 5.3 cartridge and put the kohana files inside the php directory? Or do I create a Zend Server 5.6? I would like to use MySQL as well.

Kohana v3.3.1 requires PHP 5.3.3 or higher to work. I just created a PHP 5.3 Cartridge and git clone it to my harddrive and here is the file structure:

C:\mysite>ls -a
.  ..  .git  .openshift  deplist.txt  libs  misc  php


Inside the php directory

C:\mysite\php>ls -a
.  ..  health_check.php  index.php


When I edited php\index.php to echo "Hello World" I was able to see Hello World in my browser at my Openshift address

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


I listed the cartridges and discovered Do-it-Yourself 0.1

rhc cartridge list

Is this Do-it-Yourself 0.1 cartridge building what I need to do to get Kohana working on Openshift?

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You should be able to use the php-5.3 cartridge and place all kohana files into your repo/php/ directory, then do a git add/commit/push. I gave that a shot and noticed one error about the system directory: "The configured system directory does not exist or does not contain required files." but I'm assuming that's because the system directory is empty? – Nam Duong Sep 23 '13 at 20:43
+1 Thank you for your reply. When you installed Kohana on Openshift, did all of the checks return green? – Anthony Sep 23 '13 at 22:07
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I would drop your code inside the basic php-5.3 application skeleton, and go from there.

You can add mysql to any application by listing it as a dependency during your rhc app create step, or by typing rhc cartridge add mysql from within your local project repo folder.

Once you get everything working, I would consider publishing the resulting repo to GitHub. This should allow others to spin up your openshift-compatible copy of Kohana by running:

rhc app create kohana php-5.3 mysql --from-code=

(with YOUR_ACCOUNT and YOUR_PROJECT_NAME substituted into the above command)

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+1 Thank you very much for your reply! It worked, thanks! – Anthony Sep 25 '13 at 0:21
+1 Thank you very much for recommending that I publish to GitHub. Thanks for the code snippet!! Will do. – Anthony Sep 25 '13 at 0:24

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