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We are developing a website that will display results of a survey in a nice graphical format. The client wants to allow the visitors to share the result of the survey on Facebook and have a link back to survey results. Since the result of the graph is dynamic, I am following the steps below:

  1. The moment the visitor clicks on the "share on Facebook" link a snapshot of the graph is generated as a .jpg image at the server side using phantomJs. This way I am able to capture the survey result at that very instant.

  2. A jQuery click event handler then generates Facebook sharer link with the parameters to be used to share. The example:

    $( document ).ready(function() {
        $('.facebookShare').click(function() {
            var url = $(this).data('url');
            var graph = $(this).data('graph');
            var title = $(this).data('title');
            var summary = $(this).data('summary');
            var imageURL = 'http://mysite.com/graphImages/' + graph + '.jpg';
            var shareOnFacebook = ('http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?s=100' + '&p[url]=' + url + '&p[images][0]=' + imageURL + '&p[title]=' + title + '&p[summary]=' + summary);
            window.open(shareOnFacebook, '_blank');
            return false;
  3. This works fine !!!!

But the issues I am facing now:

  1. Although the image supplied is 400 x 407 pixels (width x height) it is displayed as a thumbnail on the post. I want it to be larger on the users wall. Also graphs can be of various sizes [taller, wider] with since they are dynamic.

    ![Image Generated at server][1]
    ![The post it generates][2]
  2. The images are generated dynamically, that means survey1.jpg created yesterday will be replaced with a new image today (same name), but Facebook always uses the older used on the share page previously. How can I force it use the latest version of the image? Do I need to give a different name?

I will be grateful if someone can direct me to a solution.

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