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I wrote a code that doesn't work. It had a bug earlier, which was fixed. But now there is another bug: it won't draw a rectangle on the canvas. The console didn't detect the error. Here is the code:

13.      var canvas=document.getElementById("canvas")
14.      var ctx=canvas.getContext("2d")
15.      function getMousePos(canvas,evt){
16.          var rect=canvas.getBindingClientRect()
17.          return{
18.               x:evt.clientX-rect.left,
20.          }
21.      }
22.      canvas.addEventListener("mouseclick",function(evt){
23.           var mousePos=getMousePos(canvas,evt)
24.           ctx.fillRect(mousePos.x-15,mousePos.y-15,10,10)
25.      },false)
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Change this line:

var rect=canvas.getBindingClientRect()


var rect=canvas.getBoundingClientRect();


canvas.addEventListener("mouseclick",function(evt) { ... 


canvas.addEventListener("click",function(evt) { ...

and it should work.


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Thank you very much! – Samuel Nguyen Jan 1 '14 at 20:20

The event is click not mouseclick.

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