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I am learning WPF. For example i want to draw circle. I can something like:

 private const ushort _operatorRadius = 50;
 public MainWindow()
            var _canvas = new Canvas();
            var _operatorEllipse = new Ellipse();
            SolidColorBrush mySolidColorBrush = new SolidColorBrush();

            // Describes the brush's color using RGB values.  
            // Each value has a range of 0-255.
            mySolidColorBrush.Color = Color.FromArgb(255, 255, 255, 0);
            _operatorEllipse.Fill = mySolidColorBrush;
            _operatorEllipse.StrokeThickness = 1;
            _operatorEllipse.Stroke = Brushes.Black;

            // Set the width and height of the Ellipse.
            _operatorEllipse.Width = _operatorRadius;
            _operatorEllipse.Height = _operatorRadius;
            this.Content = _canvas;

But this.Content = _canvas; will override content of windows and then i can't use visual editor and MainWindow.xaml. How to combine them?

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Not too sure what you're asking; you can use XAML instead of code to do drawing; and whilst your window can only have one content, you can make that content a container like grid, stackpanel, dockpanel; and then they can host many items or more containers. –  andrew Sep 23 '13 at 5:15

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If you want to add multiple children to your window then you should add a layout container like stackpanel, grid etc to it and then add children to these containers.

In this example if you want some section of your window to have this Canvas then you should add a ContentControl in your window and then set its Content to the Canvas

    <ContentControl x:Name="myContent"/>

and in code behind:

this.myContent.Content = _canvas;

In this way only your contentcontrol will update

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