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I'm struggling about what new programming language to learn. I know some C, Java and C#, but I would like to learn Rust, D or Go. However, I have priorities and I have no time to learn all them at the same time.

However, I want to learn a new stable programming language with a bright future.

What new programming language do you recommend for an almost-experienced programmer (I'm a student)? What adventages does it have?

Thanks a lot.

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Also, think about learning Haskell, just to get an idea about functional programming. –  FUZxxl Sep 23 '13 at 13:04
As of today, Rust is not stable, but it sure has a bright future. –  mdup Sep 24 '13 at 21:43

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Go is production ready and has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Also it's a small language, so it's quick to get started with.

Start with the Go tour. If that doesn't keep your interest after a dozen or two slides, move on to another language.

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I am very glad that you have asked..... I suggest you just get some foundation in languages that you already know. Languages differs only in Syntax and Data structures but the logic will be common I believe. So after getting some foundation I suggest to get some knowledge about emerging technology

  • Microsoft MVC
  • Angular/Knockout/Node JS
  • WCF Rest Serive.
  • Back end tool (like Sql Server, Oracle, Sybase etc.,)
  • Mobile development(Android, IOS, Windows mobile etc.,)

I think this would help you better.These are some of the emerging languages that I am using in my project.

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